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QGIS Planet

Publish Image Tooltips with QGIS Cloud

A lot of people are using QGIS Cloud as a service with ready to use QGIS webclient. It’s very easy to publish data and share maps in this way. Publishing of georeferenced images can be done with QGIS Cloud in a few steps as well. But the main problems are: how to upload the images into the cloud database? how to manage them? how to display the results? QGIS and QGIS Cloud are offering all tools for this task.

Verarbeitung von Interlis-Daten mit QGIS

In der Schweiz werden amtliche Geodatenmodelle vorwiegend mit Interlis erstellt und häufig wird das Interlis-Transferformat für den offiziellen Datenaustausch vorgegeben. Das Interlis-Plugin für QGIS ermöglicht die einfache Verarbeitung von Interlis-Daten und bindet externe Java-Applikationen in die Processing-Toolbox ein.

QGIS Cloud and Sourcepole are sponsoring Öcher-Safari

QGIS Cloud and Sourcepole are proud to be official sponsors of the team Öcher-Safari, attending the Allgäu-Orient-Rallye. One of the last adventures in the world of cars. Sourcepole serves the team with know how, infrastructure and more. Information about the team and the charity ideas of this event you can find on Öcher-Safari and the official web site of the Allgäu-Orient-Rallye.

Multiple map grids in the QGIS print composer

In printed maps, having several coordinate grids over one map is a very usefull feature. For instance using a meter system as output CRS, it is nice to display a latitude / longitude grid as well. Until now, the QGIS print composer allowed only one coordinate grid per composer map and it was restricted to the map output CRS. Having that multigrid / multiCRS feature in QGIS Enterprise since 13.04 already, I’ve recently found the time to port it into the QGIS developer version.

The state of QGIS Globe

The Region of Umbria, Italy, sponsored 4 days of work to update QGIS Globe for current QGIS versions. Most of the functionality is working again and the globe is now compatible with osgEarth 1.0 up to 1.3. The bad news is, that the globe plugin is not working on Windows with OSGeo4W. It seems that one of the OSGeo4W libraries (GDAL?) is compiled with an incompatible MS compiler version. Christmas holidays are coming…

FOSSGIS 2019 in Dresden

Sourcepole war an der FOSSGIS 2019 in Dresden als Austeller, mit Vorträgen und einem Vektor Tile Workshop präsent.

Creating png8 images with QGIS server

For providing maps via WMS over the internet, it is important to generate image files with a small size. Because normally, most of the perceived WMS delay comes from transfering large images files over the internet (and not from map rendering itself). Therefore, QGIS server supports the conversion of png24 and png32 images into png8, therefore generating a file with only 1⁄3 resp. 1⁄4 of the original size (but with lower quality).

Presentations at FOSS4G 2015 in Seoul

Slides from our presentations at FOSS4G 2015 in Seoul: Keynote: The QGIS project and its evolution from a desktop GIS to a GIS platform - Slides New QGIS functions for power users - Slides QGIS Plugins - From Must-Haves to insider tips - Slides Building an OpenLayers 3 map viewer with React - Slides Thanks to the organizers of this great conference! It was a pleasure to get in contact with so many users from around the world.

QGIS Instant Print Plugin

As a side product of a customer project, we’re publishing a QGIS plugin for printing maps to a file with just two mouse clicks.


Sourcepole war an der FOSSGIS 2015 in Münster unter anderem mit zwei QGIS-Vorträgen präsent: Neues von QGIS QGIS Plugins - Must-Haves, Fachlösungen und Geheimtipps

QGIS Enterprise

Mit QGIS Enterprise bietet Sourcepole ein komplettes Wartungs- und Support-Paket für eine Geodaten-Infrastruktur (GDI) an, die vollständig auf Open Source Software aufbaut. Der Kern des Angebotes ist die Quantum GIS Suite basierend auf QGIS Desktop, QGIS Server, QGIS WebClient und QGIS Mobile. dauerhafte Infrastruktur Investitionssicherheit hohe Verfügbarkeit GDI-Gesamtpaket Serviceorientierte Architektur keine Lizenzkosten schnelle Bug-Fixes regelmässige Updates kompetente Schulung Nutzen Sie die Vorteile der Hersteller-Unabhängigkeit. Reduzieren sie die Kosten ihrer Geodaten Infrastruktur da keine Software-Lizenzen anfallen.

FOSS4G 2018 Dar es Salaam

This year’s FOSS4G edition took place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. As every year, Sourcepole was supporting this major event as a sponsor. We would like to thank for all the interesting discussions and feedback to our presentations!

FOSSGIS 2013: Performance optimised wms services with QGIS server

Performance is usually a top priority for a WMS service. A recent talk at the FOSSGIS (held by Sourcepole) shows what a WMS administrator can do to optimise QGIS server performance. Finally, the performance of QGIS server is compared with UMN mapserver in two production scenarios. Slides from FOSSGIS 2013 in Rapperswil (in german).

AGIT 2013: QGIS Cloud - Karten einfach ins Netz

Noch nie war es so einfach individuelle Web Map Services mit ansprechenden Karten, Geodatenbank und Web Client zu erstellen, wie mit QGIS Cloud. Der am 5. Juli an der AGIT 2013 in Salzburg präsentierte Vortrag kann hier herunter geladen werden. Präsentation

Slides FOSS4G 2017

Reporting back from FOSS4G 2017 in Boston, which started with the usual QGIS plugin programming workshop, this time at the Harvard University campus.

QGIS - the FOSSGIS week

Tuesday, 2012-03-20 11:00: FOSSGIS in Dessau, Germany starts with a workshop for programming QGIS plugins A great conference begins, with about 400 people attending presentations and workshops over three days. Tuesday, 2012-03-20 14:42: Changeset c27c89045c: “Add WFS support for QGIS server. Provided by René-Luc D’Hont” Wow. Tuesday, 2012-03-20 14.48: QGIS 1.7.4 uploaded to DebianGIS Ok, QGIS 1.7.4 is already a few weeks old. But current version on Debian is 1.

AutoForm Plugin for QGIS

The AutoForm plugin for QGIS automatically sets the edit widget type for the fields of a selected layer based on their data types and foreign keys. This is in order to save the user time they may need to spend on manually editing these widgets.

FOSSGIS 2017 in Passau

In zwei Wochen beginnt die alljährliche deutschsprachige FOSSGIS Konferenz zum Theme Open Source GIS und OpenStreetMap in Passau.

Raster resampling in QGIS

QGIS already offers a lot of possibilities to visualize raster data (contrast enhancement, color map, handling of transparent pixels, …) Last year, Radim Blazek refactored the raster provider interface and added on-the-fly reprojection support for rasters to QGIS. Very cool! One of the few things currently missing in QGIS raster layer is the possibility to have other resampling types than nearest neighbour. The problem is that rasters appear pixelated when zooming further than the source raster resolution.

Shaded relief maps with QGIS

Creating a shaded relief map from digital elevation data is a nice way to create a backround map for web mapping or other GIS work. Thanks to the know-how and the funding from the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit, QGIS now has a sophisticated function for relief map generation. The method is described in detail in an paper by Marc-André Bünzli. An important part of the method is the choice of the elevation colors.

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