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Combining the best of Top10NL, BAG & OSM in QGIS

For some time now I’ve been using the BAG buildings in QGIS as an alternative to the Top10NL buildings. The BAG buildings are more accurate, after all. This is not to disqualify the Top10NL, on the contrary: each geo data set has its own merits. The Top10NL is unbeatable regarding terrain details. As for the […]

BAG building usage notations on Top10NL in QGIS

The building contours of BAG objects are much more precise than the standard built-up block shapes of the Top10NL topographic data set (aside from the fact that the BAG is more up-to-date than the Top10NL). The “BAG objects & addresses” data set also contains the usage function(s) of buildings. Using the BAG, it’s possible to […]

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