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QGIS Planet

Using Threads in PyQGIS3

While porting a plugin to QGIS3 I decided to also move all it’s threading infrastructure to QgsTasks. Here three possible variants to implement this. the first uses the static method QgsTask.fromFunction and is simpler to use. A great quick solution.

How to filter features in QGIS using the graphical processing modeler

This article describes a new algorithm for the processing modeler called feature filter algorithm. If you are already familiar with ETL concepts and the graphical modeler, you can directly jump to the section the feature filter algorithm. Building workflows for

Best practices for writing Python QGIS Expression Functions

Recently there have been some questions and discussions about python based expression functions and how parameters like [crayon-5b363aa4b6ea7798770061-i/]  need to be used. So I thought I’d quickly write down how this works. There is some intelligence If the geometry or a

Updating PyQt signals that use lambda in QGIS with 2to3

Just for the sake of documenting things, when running qgis 2to3 on a plugin I encountered a tricky situation regarding signals. [crayon-5b363aa4b95ea602594060/] The original code: [crayon-5b363aa4b95fb956711994/] The generated code: [crayon-5b363aa4b9601918024095/] so in do_load_project we get False instead of “my test

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