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QGIS Planet

Best practices for writing Python QGIS Expression Functions

Recently there have been some questions and discussions about python based expression functions and how parameters like [crayon-5b0681e9528d4618889317-i/]  need to be used. So I thought I’d quickly write down how this works. There is some intelligence If the geometry or a

Updating PyQt signals that use lambda in QGIS with 2to3

Just for the sake of documenting things, when running qgis 2to3 on a plugin I encountered a tricky situation regarding signals. [crayon-5b0681e955593112527473/] The original code: [crayon-5b0681e9555a3537139325/] The generated code: [crayon-5b0681e9555aa110861947/] so in do_load_project we get False instead of “my test

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