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Help mapping the Philippines

Hi, last night I helped teach some students of the UP (University of Philippines) how to do remote mapping for OSM ( data. It is extremely easy, just go to, login, choose a job, read the workflow tab, select a task (in the task tab) and finally click on ID. An online editor will open with the explainations you need.

Go have fun helping
Thanks Marco

Help Coron after Typhoon Hayan

Don’t use the donate button on the right, use the button at the bottom

Hi all, as some of you know, I’m in the Philippines right now, on a WorldBank mission to help teach an open source planning, preparedness and response tool (inaSAFE) to locals.

I’m in Manila where all is good. Hayan didn’t hit here and while it was hitting hard on the central and southern Philippines, I was safely in the north thanks to Dirk Fahrenbach (in CC) which told me not to head south to go diving (I hadn’t checked the weather forecast 10 days ago yet).

Unlike some other dive operators (not all of them, but he was the first to warn me and has actively been reaching out) which told me yes, no problem come dive to Coron the weekend, Dirk openly warned me not to go there when the typhoon path and strength were still uncertain.

I don’t know Dirk personally, and he didn’t ask me to do this (this is just one way I try to help), but I’m convinced that he is a very good soul and that if you can, you should consider sending some money to help the people there rebuild their homes and lives.

I’m sure you all have seen pictures in the media to realize the extent of the catastrophe and need no further motivation.

Below I forward you the support email send out by Dirk which includes details on how to transfer money directly to him via his German and Filipino bank account.

If you don’t want to do an international wire transfer, I setup a Paypal donate button in my account on which you can simply and safely donate using various credit cards. I will then then transfer all the money to him together with my donation.

to donate via paypal, please use ONLY this button, the one on the sidebar is for my opensource GIS work:

I really, hope you can help even a small gesture can do a lot.


Marco Bernasocchi

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Dirk Fahrenbach”
Date: 12 Nov 2013 13:16
Subject: Re: coron conditions
To: “Marco Bernasocchi”
Dear Friends

The super typhoon Haiyan hit Busuanga on the 08th of November with about 295 km per hour wind speed.

I am flying back to the island today.
All communications are down but I will travel every two days to find a place with signal.
All guests and staff survived without injuries.

But most of the employees lost their homes including myself (but I have an insurance). Some lost relatives and friends and are suffering a lot.

Resorts have big damages but clean up and repair is on full progress. Most should be fixed within 10 days. Some guests still came in and now staying with us. Flights are coming in again and road to Coron is finally cleared. Others still need time to fix. All our dive centers and boats got no damages. We prepared and got very lucky. Thanks to our boat crew that stayed the whole night on the boats with running engines.
If you like to donate anything to people you know and want to be sure that your money reach the people in need, you are welcome to transfer any amount to following accounts. We will send you pictures and info of those who got your donations. Thank you.


Please indicate Donation Coron and send an e mail about the deposit.

Katharina Fellhauer

Lessingstr. 16

85757 Karlsfeld

Postbank Koeln

Konto Nr.: 0221430509

BLZ: 37010050

IBAN DE78 3701 0050 0221 4305 09



Dirk Fahrenbach

Kreissparkasse Koeln

Account: 1311036377

BLZ: 37050299




Account name: *PRODIVE PHILS., INC*

Account #: *3423342149872*

Swift code: *MBTC PHMM 1630 PHILIPPINES*

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