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(Nederlands) Zelf met de BGT in QGIS werken

Sorry, this entry is only available in the Dutch language

Gereference a medal

Yesterday I ran the half marathon of Zwolle wearing a hat with the previous QGIS logo. My time was not so special (2:08:47) but the medal I earned was. It shows a simple map of the city of Zwolle. You can see some buildings but which ones? I decided to georerence the medal and add … Continue reading Gereference a medal

Gray is the new Black

Sometimes I prefer to publish my map in gray instead of black. But all newly added QGIS composer items are set to black by default. For changing the colors more easily and rapidly I created the “Turn Gray” plugin. By default it changes all foreground colors (labels and outlines) to gray. But you are free … Continue reading Gray is the new Black

(Nederlands) TopoTijdReis kaartlagen in QGIS

Sorry, this entry is only available in the Dutch language

(Nederlands) Kadastrale percelen en het gfs bestand

Sorry, this entry is only available in the Dutch language

New release of QGIS and book!

Last week not only QGIS 2.14.0 Essen was released but also a great book “QGIS Map Design” based on this new version of QGIS. A release of QGIS is special but this release concerns an announced LTR release.  QGIS 2.8.7 is the current LTR version in which al bugs found between 2.8 and 2.14.0 have been … Continue reading New release of QGIS and book!

Generate parcels areas from parcel boundaries

Hi! In this blog I describe how you can create proper parcels with polygon geometry in from polylines (parcel boundaries) and points (Parcel point with parcel attributes placed inside parcel boundaries). Since the 1st of januari 2016 a dataset named, BRK (Basis Registratie Kadaster) is available from PDOK. You can download these in GML format … Continue reading Generate parcels areas from parcel boundaries

PDOK services plugin update

Mostly interesting for dutchies A short post that there is a new 0.10 version of the pdokservicesplugin (http://plugins.qgis.org/plugins/pdokservicesplugin/), Some layers have been removed and some are new. The total number of layers is now 6723 (coming from 5298). Most important changes: Removed: – brtachtergrondtijdelijk – brtachtergrondgrijstijdelijk – top10nl (nu: top10nl2) – Noordzee Kabels en Leidingen … Continue reading PDOK services plugin update

Spatialite and lost styles

In this blog I will explain how to recover styles that are included in a SpatiaLite database but are lost after renaming or moving the SpatiaLite database to another location. It will show how to use the QGIS Field Calculator to change the contents of de field f_table_catalog in the table layer_styles so it directs … Continue reading Spatialite and lost styles

Change predefined scales plus new PDOK services

New PDOK services This post is mostly interesting for dutch readers, as our national OWS service ‘PDOK’ added some new services. And we made them (5000 layers) available via the PDOK services plugin. Change predefined scales But I also want to show that you can change the predfined scales that you see in the Scale … Continue reading Change predefined scales plus new PDOK services

QGIS goodies

Just a short post in case you missed it. Since some time QGIS is coorporating with spreadshirt.com, so we can open ‘virtual shops’ all over the world to sell QGIS t-shirst, caps and mugs. So: check your size, and go via this page to the nearest QGIS-shop and make your friends jealous with our great … Continue reading QGIS goodies

Use of the Flemish geographical data portal Geopunt in QGIS

Geopunt website Geopunt is the central portal for geographical data of the Flemish government. Beside an online viewer, a catalogue is available from where data can be downloaded. A lot of these data are free to download (e.g. orthophotos), other data is available depending on your user profile (e.g. soil map) Download through the Geopunt4Qgis … Continue reading Use of the Flemish geographical data portal Geopunt in QGIS

Mozilla Stumbler layer: loading TMS and XYZ tilelayers in QGIS

Mozilla Location Service (MLS) layer Personally I’m very interested in the Mozilla Location Service (MLS), I wrote an earlier article about it on my work (Zuidt.nl) blog. Key in this project is that both locations of wifi points and cell towers are crowdsourced and put in a open database, so everybody can use that data … Continue reading Mozilla Stumbler layer: loading TMS and XYZ tilelayers in QGIS

QGIS 2.6.1 and QGIS 2.6 Documentation Released

QGIS 2.6.1 Just a short notice that the QGIS project (silently) released QGIS 2.6.1, a bug fix release for the latest stable version of QGIS 2.6 Brighton. Some notable fixes include: – composer stuff which was not working ok – not all attribute columns showing in attribute table – metasearch (CSW plugin) was not working … Continue reading QGIS 2.6.1 and QGIS 2.6 Documentation Released

Visualize flows with FlowMapper

This article explains the presentation of flows on a map, using the FlowMapper plugin. For this demonstration, data on commuting patterns between 40 regions are used (from Statistics Netherlands). Preparing the data After the plugin is installed in the usual way, the manual can be found in the folder C:\Users\{username}\.qgis2\python\plugins\FlowMapper2_documentation.Three text files are required, with node … Continue reading Visualize flows with FlowMapper

Using QGIS processing scripts

One of the area’s that QGIS is constantly improving is the ‘Processing framework’, Formerly known as the sextante framework and written in java, it is rewritten in Python by one of the original authors Victor Olaya and made part of QGIS since about QGIS 2.0. I think it is VERY usefull and in use a … Continue reading Using QGIS processing scripts

Using a GPS dongle with QGIS (Linux)

Because I had this GPS dongle laying on my table, I figured I had to find out how to connect this via usb or bluetooth to my Debian Laptop so I could use it with QGIS. Read the full article here www.zuidt.nl.

PDOK-servicesplugin 0.7 released

This post is about a new release of the dutch pdokservices-plugin which can be used to easily add WMS, WFS can WCS service layers from our national data-agency PDOK. Read the dutch version here.

A QGIS class room setup on Windows

Somebody in my neighbourhood is Windows Administrator on a ‘Middelbare School’ here in Haarlem, my hometown. The school, het Mendelcollege, received a (Q)GIS intro by Margit Stapel of GisWijzer who is doing introductions for 10 – 14 year old childer with GIS. The school received this course from a GIS professional as part of the … Continue reading A QGIS class room setup on Windows

Using MetaSearch plugin to search and load (meta)data from your National Georegister

We (mostly Tom Kralidis, Angelos Tzotsos with some additions by me) just released the MetaSearch Catalogue Client plugin for QGIS. The new plugin is an update of the CSWClient plugin from NextGIS. This new MetaSearch plugin makes searching metadata and using the services peanuts! A Catalog Service for the Web (CSW), for example provided by […]

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